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Want to achieve Dewy & Glowing skin?

I have a number of clients coming to me wanting to know how to achieve glowing skin and actually achieve the 'skin looking like skin' look rather than a completely matte base.

So I have posted the below products that you can purchase to achieve a dewy glowing look using either High Street Products, or Top Brand Products depending how much you want to spend!

High Street Products


I love the Brand 'HiGlow' by Rochelle Hulmes. It is a cream texture that glides over the skin and creates a bronzed glow which shines through your foundation. These products can be applied to the face, arms and legs - perfect for that summer glow. Click on the below images to purchase these fabulous products.

Barry M

For a full body glow, I recommend Barry M 'In The Glow' Body Oil - this looks absolutely beautiful when applied to the collar bone.

For a glowing highlight, I use Barry M Liquid Highlighter Drops. I apply this above the cheekbones and blend out with a blending brush.

If you want to spend a little more money on Top Brands, I also use the below products;

Becca Cosmetics

Becca Cosmetics Backlight Glow is one of my favourites. It is quite a thick texture but literally leaves your skin glowinggg - plus it smells absolutely beautiful. Click on the below image to purchase this product!

Mac Cosmetics

I have had this product for a number of years and do resort back to it - I love using this product on its own a lot of the time without applying any foundation as it makes your skin feel so hydrated and fresh. The only downside to this product I find is the packaging, as it can sometimes be quite hard to get the product out as you have to really squeeze the bottle, but a part from that it is fab!


As well as highlighters and primers - there are also a few foundations you can use to achieve a glow.

Natasha Denona

This foundation is perfect for a glowing airbrushed look as it evens out redness and the skins natural texture. It is lightweight and hydrating.This product is beneficial for all skin types.

and finally...

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

I have recently been using Nars Sheer Foundation as it is build able and light. It is full coverage and creates a natural glow on the skin.

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