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Application of Makeup made EASY!

Always wondered what makeup brushes to buy to apply makeup?.. or maybe you just simply don't know how to use them.. well hopefully this blog will help you! I use a number of brushes when creating different makeup looks on myself and clients, but I am OBSESSED with buying brushes even though I simply don't need them. The truth is, you don't need to buy tons and tons of brushes to make your makeup look beautiful.. so below are some of the brushes I mainly use, what I use them for and where to buy them. Click on the descriptions to purchase the brush...


- I apply Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow on the Eyebrows using an Angled Brush from illamasqua, £16


- I apply PLouise Eye Base before applying any eyeshadow using a Zoeva 144 brush by patting the product onto the eyelid, £8.99

- Applying Eyeshadow and Blending

I apply eyeshadows using the following three brushes... Zoeva 221, 134 and 225. I apply the shadows using small circular motions. My one rule is NEVER apply makeup in a 'window wiping' motion.

- Applying Pigments and Glitter

I use Crown Brush Oval Camouflage IB144 to apply pigments, use a patting motion rather than a swiping motion in order to pack the pigment onto the lid.

- Applying Eyeliner - Zoeva 315

- Applying Eyeshadow Under the Eye - Mac Cosmetics 212


I apply foundation using a Y7 Round Buffer Brush. When applying foundation, I pat it into the skin rather than swipe as I don't want the foundation to move around the face, I want to build thickness and absorb it into the skin in order for it to stay in place.

I use this 14 Contour Brush to apply contour to the cheeks, jawline and forehead. You can purchase this brush from Contour Cosmetics...

Once applied, I buff the contour into the skin by using a Flat Kabuki Brush from Crown Brush UK.

I apply Bronzer using Morphe G31 by patting the bronzer softly onto the skin to create a bronzed glow.

If you are after a Brush Cleaner that dries within seconds, I would recommend the below; it is only £3 from Superdrug and they also come in 'wipes' form.

Hope this has been of help!

R xo

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