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How to cover red blemishes/acne scars or dark circles...

A number of clients have come to me over the last few months and explained how they are desperate to cover redness or dark circles on their skin as it still shows through even after they have applied foundation.

So if this is something you struggle with, then this post is for you!


Dark Circles

Now we have ALL suffered with dark circles/bags at some point in our life, whether it's from tiredness, stress or maybe even having one too many the night before (guilty) and you desperately want to try and cover it up the next day... well here is how to cover them up.

All you simply need is an ORANGE colour corrector. I use Illamasqua cream pigment which you can purchase here for £18.00, however if you don't want to spend too much, Barry M works just as well however only apply a very small amount to begin with and then blend out as it is more watery and spreads a lot thicker than illamasqua. You can purchase this product here

Simply apply a small amount of the product to dark areas of your skin you wish to cover up and blend out using a beauty blender. Apply your foundation as normal over and watch your dark circles vanish!


If you happen to suffer with redness to the skin, so for example from acne, scars or your skin is just genuinely red is some areas, then this is very simple to resolve...

You need to purchase a GREEN colour corrector. You can purchase these from most beauty stores. I myself suffer with Keloid Scarring which can be quite red at times and if i am going out I use the Kryolan Mini Palette to reduce my redness.

I would recommend the following:

Collection Green Concealer, you can purchase here

Kryolan Mini Palette, you can purchase here

Personally, the Kryolan Mini Palette is my favourite as it has various shades of foundation as well as the four colour correct colours.

Using the 'colour correct' techniques, apply your green concealer to red areas of your skin like below:

Using a beauty blender, blend the concealer out to avoid harsh lines. Once it is nicely blended, apply your foundation over and this will cancel out any redness,

Below are my Keloids before applying the colour correct techniques and after.

I hope you found this post useful!

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