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New Skin Regime...

I absolutely LOVE my new skin regime. It's left my skin feeling plumper, less red, less oily and fresher than ever.

I recently purchased 'Drops of Light' Liquid Peel from The Body Shop and SkinKissed Skin Serum.

I have only been using these products a few days and already I can see the difference! I wish I took a before photo before I started using these so you could actually see the difference!

First apply the 'drops of light' liquid peel serum and massage into the skin.. this will remove all the dead skin and rinse your face with water until all dead skin is removed.

Then apply SkinKissed face serum all over the face. This is a no oil based serum so if you suffer with oily skin naturally, this will stop your face looking sweaty and wet. I actually applied this today before applying my foundation and my skin stayed matte for the entire day without even having to apply translucent powder.

This serum makes the skin appear more plump, less red and improves the overall look of the skin almost straight away. I suffered with little scars from acne on the side of my face, which looked extremely red and since using these two products they have faded massively so I can't wait to see more of the results in a few days time.

I would definitely recommend as I know its important to feel nice in your own skin, and this skin routine definitely works ❤️

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