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The Perfect Brush

If you love makeup just as much as I do, then you will probably have just as much as an obsession with the makeup brushes. It is vital to use good, quality makeup brushes that do the job they were designed to do. Below is a list of my current favourite brushes that I use for makeup application.


Illamasqua Angled Brush

At the start of my makeup career, I loved using this brush and still use it now, as I love how blunt the bristles are which allows a fair amount of product to be picked up. This brush allows me to 'glide' the product over my eyebrow creating a nicely shaped defined brow. I tend to use this brush to create a more thicker and bolder brow. I recently purchased another one of these brushes as it also works wonders for applying gel eyeliner.

Mac #208

I only purchased this brush a couple of weeks ago and it is quite different compared to the Illamasqua brush with regards to application. The bristles are not as blunt and are much thinner. I love using this brush if I want to create a softer, lighter more natural look to my eyebrow rather than a more defined and bold look.


#212 Mac Cosmetics

I love using this brush to apply eyeshadow to the lower line of of my eye. It is very precise as the bristles are so blunt. This brush is also useful for applying shadow to the waterline. For example, once my eyeliner is applied, I use this brush to then apply 'Blackout' by Urban Decay over it to emphasise and define the eye.

#217 Mac Cosmetics