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I thought i'd share with you what I use on a day to day basis. As I have SO much makeup, i have had to whittle it down so I can actually carry things round with me! I have quite oily skin so this blog may help other people who suffer with oily skin as it is quite annoying when you look like you are sweating for no reason whatsoever! So here goes...


I used to use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow but I found it difficult on myself to achieve the type of look I wanted. I went for a demo at Illamasqua and was introduced to Eyebrow Cake. It is a powder texture (almost like an eyeshadow). You draw out the shape of your eyebrow and fill the eyebrow in. I apply the Eyebrow Cake using an angled brush. Then using one drop of the 'Sealing Gel' (the mini black bottle) you mix this with the eyebrow cake and apply the product to the eyebrow to make it darker. I like the ombre look on my eyebrows so I apply this from the middle of my eyebrow to the tail of my eyebrow. This creates a faded look at the front which gradually gets darker towards the tail. I find these two products work better on myself so that is why I prefer these products to the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow.


Throughout the day, I like to go for the natural look (sometimes this can mean no makeup at all if I simply can't be bothered) but if I actually want to make the effort, I apply Select Cover Up Concealer NW15 by Mac Cosmetics over my lid and under the brow bone which also defines the eyebrow more. Instead of 'sweeping' the concealer over the lid, I pat it on with a small foundation/concealer brush. This find this absorbs into the skin more, goes on evenly and sets better than if you were to 'sweep' it over the lid. Once this is applied, I use Laura Mercier Transulenct Powder and pat this all over the lid to avoid the eyelids from creasing.

Using an angled brush (I use Illamasqua's angled brush - I could not live without this) I apply Illamasqua's Gel Liner. I love this Gel Liner as it is very creamy which makes it easy to apply and dries rather quickly so it doesn't smudge. I have used various gel eyeliners but this one is by far my favourite. After this is applied, I then top it off with Clinique Mascara (and I might apply a pair of strip lashes if I really wanted too).


As I mentioned earlier, I do suffer badly with Oily skin and I have found the PERFECT 'cure' and that cure is Estee Lauder Matte Primer. I have used this product on clients and they agree that it is fabulous for their skin and prevented their skin from looking Oily. I simply apply a drop of this primer along my T-Zone and under the eyes. I then use Mac Cosmetics Strobe Cream to highlight my skin. This product is perfect for making your skin glow. I apply this all over my face before applying my foundation.

I use two types of foundation (depending on how bad my skin is). I can suffer with breakouts so if I wake up and have had a breakout, I use Maximum Double Wear from Estee Lauder. This foundation is really beneficial for people who suffer with severe cases of acne or scars as it is quite thick. I had a friend who tried to buy this product in Debenhams and the woman actually refused to sell it to her because her skin 'wasn't bad enough' which I personally don't agree with because if you are not happy with your skin, you should be able to buy whatever products you want to make yourself feel comfortable! But DONT WORRY, they also sell this product in John Lewis Stores.

If I wake up and my skin isn't too bad, I use Estee Lauder Double-wear. This foundation is just as good and gives full coverage. I apply my foundations with a powder brush and pat it into my skin rather than sweep, as I find it gives out a smoother and more airbrushed look. It can be a little time consuming so if I am in a bit of a rush, I apply the foundation with a normal foundation brush and blend it out with a beauty blender.

Using a blusher brush, I apply Benefit Cosmetics Bronzer from my temple to the corner of my mouth, in circular motions and above my forehead.


I love nude colours and I recently bought Peaches and Cream Lipgloss Nudes Set. My favourite shade is 'Bambi' as it is not too dark and not too light. I also outline my lips using Nars Lip Liner.

To finish off my look, I sweep Laura Mercier Translucent Powder over my face then spray it with Urban Decay Setting Spray.

These products stay on my face for the entire day without touch ups so I would definitely recommend them. This is the finished look...

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