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Hey everyone!

So, welcome to my new website! (I hope you like it) - I have decided to start blogging on what I love and don't love with regard to makeup products, techniques, brands, brushes, cleansers, skin care... THE LOT.

I have been looking for an eyeshadow which sparkles but isn't as loose. I have been loving Illamasqua products lately and I came across their new eyeshadow 'Jubilance'. It looks like a shiny pale pink/brown/purple but when applied it is just SPARKLE...SPARKLE...SPARKLE.

Rather than apply the product with a brush, I apply this product with my ring finger and dab all over my lid. It just adds that little bit extra to the eye, especially if you are going on a night out!

It can be applied on it's own or over any colour just to add that little sparkle. I would definitely recommend this product to dress up your look! It isn't messy and easy applied.

It is £16.50 and can be purchased in any Illamasqua store or online!

#illamasqua #jubilance #makeup #eyes #bold #sparkle #pigment #cosmetics #bestbuy

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